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3G & 4G cCTV solutions

Mobile CCTV Connectivity 

Where a fixed line with high speed broadband is not available, remote access to your DVR or IP camera will need to be via 3G or 4G technology using a SIM with a Public Static IP address.

Millbeck Communications provide a complete solution including a pre-configured router, antenna and SIM. Alternatively we can provide you with any of these individual components to match your requirements.

We have been supplying and supporting router and SIM solutions to the security industry for over 10 years. Our knowledge and experience working with security companies and the equipment they use will enhance your security solution offering.


M2M data Bundles

We have a range of standard bundles starting from 1GB of data allowance, however we can tailor a bundle to suit your needs. We will work with you to propose the correct network and data size for your installation. 


Our Public Static IP SIMs are available on all the major networks - Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three. 

We also offer roaming multi-network SIMs, these SIMs connect to the strongest network available. If that network suffers a failure the SIMs will then re-connect to the next strongest network and so on.

If you are using a single network SIM selecting the correct network for the location of your site is crucial to the effectiveness of the solution. This will vary depending on signal strength, if your installation location has poor network coverage it may be necessary to use an external antenna to strengthen the signal of your connection. 

Data Usage

There is no upper limit on data usage so that you will not be cut off or have your speed dramatically reduce once your usage has reached your allowance. We provide usage reporting and can set a ‘warning’ once data usage has reached a specific level, for example 75%. You will be notified by email once this has been reached and every working day the SIM uses data thereafter. This helps you to manage the usage on your Static IP SIMs, keeping your data costs down.

Connected Hardware

We work with a select number of router manufacturers to enable us to supply a router which best fits your requirements and one that we can fully support. These are dispatched pre-configured to your requirements and ready to use straight out of the box. Our extensive knowledge providing complete router solutions gives you peace of mind knowing everything has been set up and tested prior to your router arriving. We aim to make the purchase and installation of router solutions simple.

To help boost signal for your 4G connection an antenna may be required. If this is the case we can provide a suitable antenna for the router.