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Millbeck Communications is a leading provider of Public Static [Fixed] IP 3G and 4G data SIM solutions. We are partnered with Europe’s leading M2M and IoT providers and have solutions from Vodafone, O2, EE and Three. These data SIMs are Static IP SIM cards with public IP address assignments available to be accessed securely from the internet.

M2M connectivity is becoming a key focus of business and static IP SIMs provide a dependable and secure connection between devices in any location. Whatever your requirement MIllbeck Communications will work with you to provide a solution that meets your needs.

Static IP SIM Uses

Static IP SIM cards are ideal for M2M devices and solutions including CCTV remote access systems, internet failover, retail and pop-up shops, transport and logistics telemetry, remote healthcare services, vending machine and site-to-site 4G connections.

M2M (machine to machine) devices communicate with each other through IP networks. Human interaction with machines is kept to a minimum, software, sensors and electronics enable the devices to collect data and send it to another device. Static IP SIM cards allow M2M devices to communicate over the mobile networks if there is no fixed line capability or the fixed line at the site is down.

We can supply Static IP SIMs from a data allowance of 1GB upwards on a 3G or 4G tariff. We will work with you to identify the best network to use depending on the location the SIM is going to be operating in. 

There is no upper limit on data usage so that you will not be cut off or have your speed dramatically reduce once your usage has reached your allowance. We provide usage reporting and are able to set a ‘warning’ once data usage has reached a specific level, for example 75%. You will be notified by email once this has been reached and every working day the SIM uses data thereafter. This helps you to manage the usage on your Static IP SIMs, keeping your data costs down.

The benefit of using Millbeck Communications as your Static IP SIM provider is clear. We have over 10 years experience working alongside businesses using Static IP SIMs.

How Static IP SIMs work

Static IP 3G and 4G SIMs provide an effective alternative where there is no fixed line connectivity to the internet.

As standard the mobile networks provide dynamic IP addresses which for most business or personal use are fine. However dynamic IP addresses mean that you do not have a single IP address you can directly connect to from the internet. Whereas Static IP addresses allow you to connect to your device through the public internet.

Automatic Failover

The Static IP solution is ideal for the CCTV security industry where multiple contacts need to access networked video recording on a site. It is also suitable for ADSL broadband backup on sites where remote access is needed or email servers are present.


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