What's a Leased Line? Millbeck Coms Explain Why You Should Have One

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You may benefit from a leased line if your business generates a large amount of data.

What is a Leased Line?

A leased line is different from a standard copper broadband line (PTSN line) it is a dedicated line direct to your business premises from the telephone exchange.

You receive an uncontended connection where you do not share bandwidth alongside other users, you receive guaranteed upload and download speeds which are also symmetrical. 

A leased line is not a cheap option, but the benefits are more consistent and faster speeds.

The bandwidth can also be increased as your business and data usage grows.

Ethernet First Mile [EFM]

EFM is a cheaper alternative to a leased line also offering symmetrical upload and download speeds. It works through multiple copper telephone lines delivered to your business address.

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