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Mobile Failover

‘Business continuity’ Not the most exciting topic but one that is incredibly important, especially for small businesses.

What have we done at Millbeck in relation to this?

We’ve just installed a new back up data sim in our office for mobile fail-over, guaranteeing business continuity in the face of broadband failure.

Why did we do this? 

So that we will always be able to access the internet! And so should your business.

What if your wired internet connection went down? How would your customers communicate with you? How would you communicate with your customers? How would you take payments on your POS? How much business would you ultimately lose?

Your business losing it’s wired broadband connection is going to be a loss for your business. It creates a lot of questions alongside a load of business uncertainty.

Your wired broadband going down might seem a remote possibility however it is anything but! All it takes is for the proverbial man in a digger to dig through a wire and BAM, gone. Although the likelihood is it will be any one of a hundred different failures along the wired path, from the connections into your building to something going wrong in the network itself.

Consequently, your internet no longer works. And let’s be honest BT aren’t renowned for their speed!

How does it work?

We place one our back up SIM cards into a pre-configured router. If your sites main broadband line fails. The router immediately detects this and redirects traffic onto the mobile network via the embedded SIM. You see no noticeable disruption and your business can operate as normal.

Month to month the cost is minimal. A small monthly cost for the SIM. You are only charged for the data used and you are alerted via email when the data usage exceeds certain values (eg. 50%, 75%)

If your wired broadband has gone down we can then bolt on the appropriate amount of data required for your business. You are then kept up to date about your data usage. Should your broadband be down for the longer term we can add more data as required.

This is a low cost solution to a high cost problem.

Don’t get caught out! For more information speak to Millbeck about mobile failover today.

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