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At Millbeck Communications we understand how important telephone services are to the success of your business. Your ability to communicate with your customers and suppliers via telephone is still a vital business function. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as Hosted IP Telephony, has become the only real choice for small businesses with more than one line.

Why choose VoIP

VoIP offers all the benefits of your traditional phone system with a huge range of extra benefits. It is scalable, cost effective and feature rich. VoIP allows your business to operate a single physical network for your phones and computers which provides you with lots of flexibility.

Flexibility is at the heart of our VoIP telephone system, choose whether you use a telephone handset, your computer or your mobile device as your primary telephone, but of course you can use all three with the same number. 

How does VoIP work

Phone calls are made over your broadband connection. The VoIP phone system is hosted in the cloud not on your premises.

To implement a VoIP system you only need to add a VoIP phone, VoIP adaptor or VoIP compatible software.

Any business thinking of changing their phone system to VoIP will benefit from a great range of advantages over a traditional phone system.

VoIP office phones

The person you are speaking to doesn’t need a VoIP phone as the voice data is transferred back to an analogue signal in the BT Openreach network as you can see below

Benefits include 


VoIP provides a unified communications service and calls are not restricted to one device. You can receive calls on your handset and move to another office, plug it in and go.


Unlike a traditional phone system which is limited by the number of physical lines and extensions available within the hardware. VoIP systems continue to grow as your business grows.

Geographically flexible  

A VoIP phone can be provided with a telephone number for anywhere in the UK. Your phone along with its number can be used anywhere in the UK. A worker in Leeds can use a London number and vice-versa. This way, your business can have a local presence from anywhere in the UK. If your office relocates to another town or city in the UK you can pick up your phones and plug them in the new office. You'll be up and running straight away.

Feature rich 

 The benefit of a hosted VoIP solution for a smaller business is that the small business benefits from all the features that were once only available to high end corporate systems. This means you get all the features that any business could possibly want. For example, automatic voicemail sent to your mobile phone when you are out of the office.

Cost effective  

As calls are made over the internet this reduces the cost of your phone calls. Expensive hardware is no longer needed, just telephone handsets which plug into your network, the cost of installation and set up are minimal.




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