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5 Ways to Improve your Work Environment

- 7 August 2018

A happy work environment attracts good people and helps the people who work for you do the best for the company. The workplace environment is a big contributing factor in how employees feel about their jobs. It can influence their work habits, affect productivity and how staff interact with one another. By taking a proactive approach to update and change the work environment gradually, you are likely to prevent future problems in the work place.

Tip 1.  Update and Invest in Office Furniture

Are those desks and chairs over 20 years old? Office Furniture plays a large part in how productive you are at work. If you're sitting at a desk that wobbles and a chair that squeaks, it's probably about time you turned them in and updated them. Keep in mind colours, size and organisation space when shopping. Have a look at your current office, is it easily accessible for everyone? Do all employee's have enough desk space? Are there enough cupboards/shelves/drawers for paperwork and equipment? Changing the layout leaves employees with a fresh perspective and maybe some extra room too. 

We got our office furniture from Mobili

Tip 2.  Add some greenery

Plants and flowers are not only just nice to look at, but they also purify the air that are around it. As Plants pull toxic compounds from the air down around the plant's roots, where it is converted into food for the plant. By adding plants like Spider Plant, Moth Orchid, Bamboo Palm and Barberton Daisy you and your colleagues could start feeling healthier. They also add more colour into the office, which is always a positive. If you have a hard time believing this, just look at the Clean Air study by NASA in 1989.

Tip 3. Spruce up your desk

Update your desk by changing your regular office phone by using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system which offers all the benefits of your tradition phone system but with a huge range of extra benefits. It is scalable, cost effective and feature rich. Flexibility is at the heart of the VoIP telephone system, choose whether you use a telephone handset, your computer or your mobile device as your primary telephone, but of course you can use all three with the same number.  Learn More on VoIP

Tip 4. Employing the right people for your business

Smart businesses know that a good work environment starts with hiring the right people. Make sure employees are professional and team players. The same idea translates to those who are already in the office. When employees work with toxic workers, they are more likely to become toxic themselves.

Tip 5. Keep the office light

It is often easier for businesses to be productive if they work in well-lit environments. You must make sure the lighting in your property is inviting and bright so people will stay alert while also feeling more at home. This is to create a comfortable atmosphere that allows people to work without worrying about being bothered or distressed in some way by what they see.



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